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  • MySQL
    MySQL - a cheap and cheerful open-source database. But if you have the money and you want real performance, scalability and control, then Oracle should be your first choice.
  • SQL Server
  • SSRS

    Useful tricks to get the most of this Reporting tool

  • Joomla
    Joomla Components and documentation
  • Linux HowTo's

    My collection of HowTo's on Linux. My favourite Linux Distribution is Gentoo for servers and Sabayon for desktop machines and laptops.

  • SSIS
    Approaches and code for SSIS 2005 - the ginger-haired stepchild of Microsoft
  • Windows
    Evil things that you can do with an evil O/S.
  • Perl
    Practical Extraction and Report Language, initially designed for processing text, but now used for nearly everything. It is the language that glues the Internet together. Above all, it is a joy to use.
  • Oracle
    Grizzly experiences from using an Oracle Database.
  • Scheduler
    An Enterprise Scheduler with many features etc...