How to exorcize SEBLOD from Joomla

It turns out that the SEBLOD Content Construction Kit (CCK)  for Joomla is either completely overwhelming for your Joomla App or is so full of unexpected side effects and instabilities that it is impossble to run a reliable application with it. Critisisms against are that breaks the cardinal rule of altering the meaning of  your Joomla framework-managed data by inserting its own undocumented tags, and messes with your normal content editing functions and Joomla's standard Read-more behaviour. Because of this undeclared tight functional coupling between SEBLOD and Joomla, you can now only upgrade your Joomla installation if there is a SEBLOD version that supports it. If you don't keep in lock-step when you upgrade Joomla, things break. I have felt this pain! And can you remove it again like a well-behaved Joomla component should allow you to? No. 


SEBLOD should come with a health warning. So, if you have inadvertently installed SEBLOD on your Joomla installation, here is how to remove it:


Step 1: Call a priest.  SEBLOD is evil. It must be banished back to the Netherworld and your server must be sprinkled with Holy Water. Prepare to perform some incantations in BASH and SQL on a terminal. 

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