SSIS Development Tips

Top Tips for SSIS 2005

My collection of tips for developing SSIS 2005:

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Create and use a C# Assembly for SSIS

Here's how to create a C# class library in Visual Studio and invoke it from an SSIS script component (using just the teensy weensiest bit of VB.Net code):

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AS/400 and SSIS 2005

The mindset of AS/400 developers is the least of your problems.

AS/400 does not integrate happily over modern interfaces such as ADO.Net. To integrate AS/400 system with other environments, one needs to rely on crude text files or learn to live with the partial functionality that legacy ODBC and legacy ADO interfaces offer. Here are some rules of thumb for using SSIS 2005 to ETL data to and from AS/400 systems:

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AS/400 Stored Procedures in SSIS

The calling of AS/400 Stored Procedures from SSIS has a few mysteries. Here is the solution that I eventually came up with - it consists of using typical OleDb objects and their usual gang of methods, all done in C#, with a smattering of VB script to glue the whole C# assembly into SSIS 2005.

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Recipe VB stubs for Scripting in SSIS

Use the Language of the Devil to commit evil

And to make SSIS do some really basic and common things, acutally.

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