They say "Project Managers have no friends", but without any project management your project will cause you to loose friends. Here are some tools to help you keep your friends.

This is all about an, until recently ignored invention by Nikolai Tesla, bladeless turbine that promises to produce more power output per weight of the device and far greater energy-conversion efficiency than other types of turbines. And then there is the problem of component longlivity of classical turbines that this design overcomes because of its simplicity. A badly maintained classical turbine also suffers from the inherent danger of bits flying off at high speed, which is nearly impossible on a Tesla turbine. 

Gerrit holds forth on subjects ranging from Software Engineering Practises to Hippy Philosophy

Multi-lingual selection of jokes that should only be retold after many beers have been consumed. Preferably around a braai.

Observations from far afield.

None of this should be taken seriously. This is an eclectic collection of ireverent interpretations of thoughts from far more seriously-minded people than I.

If music be the food of love... Purcell

Meet some of the world's most idiotic individuals, who are so stupid / ignorant / deluded / avaricious, that they don't understand it when you tell them that. Similar to dead people.

Collection of food that I personally like - don't expect to find fermeted duck-embyos and sun-dried mopani worms here.

Duration ranging from minutes to an hour.

Gerrit's open source projects, documentation and controversial opinions: Mostly revolving around Linux, UNIX, Perl and Oracle and SQL Server.
MySQL - a cheap and cheerful open-source database. But if you have the money and you want real performance, scalability and control, then Oracle should be your first choice.

Useful tricks to get the most of this Reporting tool

Joomla Components and documentation

My collection of HowTo's on Linux. My favourite Linux Distribution is Gentoo for servers and Sabayon for desktop machines and laptops.

Approaches and code for SSIS 2005 - the ginger-haired stepchild of Microsoft
Evil things that you can do with an evil O/S.
Practical Extraction and Report Language, initially designed for processing text, but now used for nearly everything. It is the language that glues the Internet together. Above all, it is a joy to use.
Grizzly experiences from using an Oracle Database.

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